January 14th Medicologic exhibited at the Medico Bazar at DTU. Medico Bazar is an annual exhibition arranged by Medico Innovation unveiling some of the newest developments and research within medtech. It is the aim of Medico Bazar to encourage knowledge sharing and connect people and companies with interest in the medical device field.

At Medicologic we specialize in end-to-end consulting within medical device development. We help companies bring their products to market on time – while controlling cost and quality. At Medico Bazar we presented 4 cases validating our main competences within Product Development and QA/RA:

User-driven Innovation
Together with a major medical device manufacture we have utilized the potential of customer driven innovation. The product idea is developed by the customers in an internet forum. The device was constructed in cooperation between Medicologic and the device manufacturer. Involving the customers in the process can help minimize the risk of incorrect use of the product and, at the same time, meet the legal usability requirements required to obtain a license to sell.

Cost Optimization
After completing clinical tests, a company found that their product was way too expensive to produce. We were asked to help redesign the device for manufacturing with an overall aim to reduce the cost price with more than 90%. This task included reducing number of components, optimize moldability, design for assembly and tolerance design.

Out-source the role as Legal Manufacturer
Given our ISO 13485 certified quality system, we currently sell and distribute a product for a customer. This has allowed our customer to test an accessory product without interfering with normal operations, still keeping full control and owner ship of the product.

Quality Assurance
Medicologic has built a full Quality Management System for CC Plast that helps them control and ultimately grow their business. This will allow them to become ISO 13485 certified – a quality requirement when producing for many big Medical Device companies.

Zero Failure Production
Medicologic is currently qualifying the start-up of an injection molding production at Carmo. Through collection and statistical analysis of part parameters, the production can be adjusted and controlled in an efficient way, leading to a zero failure production which is both robust and reliable over time.

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