Our Services

At Medicologic we take great pride in providing top-class consultants to the medical industry. We have shaped a range of services to fit the needs of our clients and accommodate most potential skills and flexibility needs.


With our in-housing service you get full controll with our consultant being present at your office on a everyday-basis. Our consultants are flexible, well-liked, and very competent. We will make sure the inclusion of a new consultant to your team will go as smooth as possible – with no loss in task-management and delivery.

MDR- & IVDR-Transition

The new Regulation is based on a wish to ensure increased safety and quality of medical devices that are sold and distributed within the EU. At Medicologic we are ready and able to assist our clients through the new Regulation, and our consultants are both experienced and highly skilled within MDR and IVDR.

Try & Hire

Our experiences in recruiting and matching consultants with our clients’ needs and projects have tought us one key insight: when a client is matched with the right talent, it is extremely valuable. Too valuable to just let it go after a process or project has ended.

Regulus - Innovation

Outsource your strategic innovation to us.
We will set up an entire project-team for you.
The process will be controlled and developed through skilled consultants and great communication.

Service Agreement

Make sure your company’s on-going processes and development-initiatives are kept up-to-date continuously. With a Service Agreement you have full flexibility. With a fixed weekly, monthly, or annually hour-budget, you have complete control over costs and consultants.


Manage your company’s quality assurance, and have your processes and quality management ready for go-to-market – and make sure the products are able to stay on the market.

Know-how, skills and mindset


At Medicologic we know all about the challenges of finding talent and the right skill-sets for the tasks.

Medicologic was founded in 2000 by the present CEO Michael Funder, and through more than 20 years we have strived to find the greatest talent and the most skilled specialists for the medical device industry.

Our goal is to create the best scenarios for our clients, and combine our talent and specialists with the goals and budgets at hand.

We strive for customer-service excellence – and a part of this is providing a service, that gives our clients full flexibility to pull on our various ressources on any given time.

The expectations in the medical device market are high with increasing focus on patient safety and treatment methods.
Our team of dedicated freelance consultants and specialists help you develop solutions that meet the expectations, requirements and challenges in the medtech and pharma markets.


Medicologic A/S
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Where to find us

Michael Funder
Owner / Director
(+45) 20 64 41 46

Lars Bo Andersen
CFO / Administration
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