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Senior R&D Consultant

Engineering, DIA-EA
Available for: Part-time, full-time, tasks

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  • Diagnostics – ‘Point-of-Care’
  • Microfluidics
  • Sensor development and integration
  • Apparatus construction
  • Industrial design
  • Surface chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Laser machining (CO2, Excimer)
  • Optics – laser/fluorescence/thermal
  • Electronics and SW
  • Patenting (8 issued patent families)
  • FTO analysis, technical due diligence

Key results

He and his engineering team developed a PCR-based diagnostic platform for human DNA mutation screening, that was capable of performing a mutation identification on a saliva sample in 15 minutes.
The project was hatced based on the invention of the ‘laser driven peristaltic micropump’. It involved complex microfluidic design embedded in polymer disposables, laser-, fluorescence- and bolometer-optics and sensors and it involved complex biochemical reactions and accompanying handling of sensitive reagents.
Following this achievement he and group have developed a number of microfluic test devices both ‘works alone’ and devices working with integrating electronic devices.

Personal Characteristics

He is outgoing and communicative and thrives in the interdisciplinary technological field and with professionals of diverse technical backgrounds and experience levels.

For the last +25 years he has been communicating with university professors, PhD-students, production- and development-engineers as well as with marketing and customers.

In his free time, he develops his ‘off grid’ summerhouse in Sweden with self sustained solar heater, active ‘earth cooler’ fridge and photovoltaic system.

Additionally he is a judo black belt and he is involved with numerous outdoors activities (from free diving to kayaking and windsurfing).


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