When working with development of medical devices, safety is crucial. Modern technology and improved product features are very important factors for the safe use of the final product. But how do you handle the human factor?

By integrating usability in the product development process you minimize the risk of incorrect use of the final product. Usability testing, analysis and involvement of users in the development process can help to identify potential risks in the early development of a new product.

Usability in product development Usability also increases your product’s market value due to the improved ease of use. And at the same time you meet the legal usability requirements. Both FDA and European authorities are raising the demands for usability as part of the final product approval. EN62366 already describes this.

At Medicologic we integrate usability into our solutions. We advise on and perform usability studies, usability testing, usability evaluation and UI design. Recently, we upgraded our knowledge through a course with Nick Bradley, BERGO.

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